You Can Walk to These 15 Magical Islands. But Only When the Tide Is Low

You're not seeing things, these islands come (and go) depending on the tides.

Believe it or not, there are some islands around the globe that are technically only islands when the tide is in, allowing visitors to literally walk across a causeway when the tide is ebbing. These tidal islands can be connected with the mainland either by a sandy, natural path, or even a more secure causeway, suitable for cars–so long as the tide is out! Here are some of our favorite “sometimes-islands” worth exploring.

Canadas Borders Are Reopening Soon. Heres What You Need to Know

As of August 9, Americans will be the first international travelers allowed back into Canada since the country closed its borders last year. Up until now, Canada has been closed to all but essential travel, but recently Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the border reopening plan. Canada plans to reopen to U.S. citizens and permanent … Continued

Need to Renew Your Passport? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Don’t let a passport stand in the way between you and your next great adventure.

Following a year of quarantine, the world is starting to slowly open up again and with it, people are beginning to make travel plans. As countries around the world relax their border restrictions, you may need to dust off that passport and make sure it’s ready for international travel. After your suitcase is packed, flights are confirmed, and COVID-19 tests or vaccine documents are secured, the last thing you’ll want is to realize there’s an issue with your passport. Or worse, that it’s expiring mere weeks before you’re supposed to take off on that long-awaited vacation. Perhaps you are one of the estimated one-third of Americans who doesn’t have a passport. If you’re looking to change that, applying for your first passport book is not as complicated as you might think. Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered with the guidelines and rules you’ll need to know when it comes to renewing or getting a new passport. INSIDER TIPInformation in this article is subject to change, so make sure to double-check the State Department’s website for the latest updates regarding passport requirements, processing times, and appointments.   

Mind-Boggling Rocks, Heart-Stopping Falls, and Other Dramatic Landscapes to See in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and landforms you can see in Africa.

Outside Africa, Zimbabwe is mostly known for its diverse wildlife, likable climate, and friendly people. With this in mind, many less known but more interesting attractions like landforms and landscapes are touted as mere side trips. But people and animals aside, Zimbabwe is also home to some of Africa’s most spectacular and beautiful landscapes that deserve a share of the spotlight on the country’s top tourist attractions.

These 13 Dining Experiences Cost Under $50. And They’re Some of the Best in the U.S.

Take your senses on a gastronomical journey with these 13 unique dining destinations.

A meal is far more than its starters, entrees, desserts, and drinks. In fact, the dining experience may start long before you even sit down at the table. Think back to the best meals of your life. It’s likely that what makes them memorable is a blend of location, atmosphere, the company you were keeping, a server’s jovial attitude, and what was happening in your life at that moment. A transcendent dining experience is about time, place and cuisine, and should set fire to all five of your senses. These thirteen exceptional meals, from food trucks with new friends in the Pacific Northwest to a vegan feast in Greenwich Village, each offer something truly unique…and none of them will break the bank.

10 Things I Experienced on My Holiday in Hell

I’ve been to Hell and back.

My trip to Hell wasn’t thanks to someone verbally sending me there after a spat. It was a wonderful trip, a summer holiday. Hell is a geographical spot—yes, it actually exists. It’s the island of Vulcano off Sicily’s coast, part of Italy’s stunning Aeolian archipelago. It was dubbed the “Mouth of Hell” by my ancestors who believed it was the “Door to Hades” during the Renaissance, with access here banned by the Catholic Church. So, like a modern-day Dante Alighieri, I embarked on a journey to discover what this inferno is like.

9 Terrific Tree Tunnels Around the World

Tangled up in green.

Surrounding ourselves with trees can be relaxing and give us a sense of being closer to or more connected with nature. Sometimes in the heart of cities, on the outskirts of town, or in forests, rows of trees on either side of the road or path can form what is often referred to as a tree tunnel. The high or low canopies of the trees create a nature-made tunnel. There are different places throughout the world where you can walk or drive through these tree tunnels and experience what it’s like to be embraced by nature.