Norwegian Star Northern Europe: Knitters’ Cruise

August 04, 2023 - August 15, 2023

Make new friends with others who share a love for knitting and fiber while you explore the rich fiber heritage, abundant culture and historic treasures of Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe and Shetland Islands - bucket list destinations for knitters and non knitters alike - All are welcome!

  • Visit ancient fishing villages and postcard perfect fjords in Norway and make a visit to Lofoten wool, where you will learn about the history of wool in the area.
  • Experience the awe inspiring power of a real glacier.
  • Explore the dramatic scenery of the Faroe Islands, where you will see puffins, learn about Viking history and make visits to a local sheep farm and a spinnery, where you will see how this ancient craft continues into modern times.
  • Experience beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, learn about the geothermal features of the area and end the day at a beautiful hot springs pool.
  • Visit the remote village of Ittoqqortoormiit Greenland where you will get to take a walk along what is called the "Arctic Riveria", a beautiful blue bay teeming with wildlife and also learn about the local history and culture.
  • An optional excursion in Reykjavik to visit the well known Golden Circle, as well as making stops on the "Woolen Circle" for visiting and shopping at many of the local yarn stores and galleries along the way.
  • Special, informal get togethers on board for knitting and community!



DAY 1 Tromso, Norway 6PM
DAY 2 Svolvaer, Norway 10AM - 8PM
DAY 3 Sandnessjoen, Norway 7AM - 3PM
DAY 4 Olden, Norway 3PM - 11AM
DAY 5 Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland 12AM - 12AM
DAY 6 Torshavn, Faroe Islands 12AM - 12AM
DAY 7 Djupivogur, Iceland 12AM - 12AM
DAY 8 Akureyri, Iceland 12AM - 12AM
DAY 9 Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland 12AM - 12AM
DAY 10 Scoresby Sound, Greenland 12AM
DAY 11 Isafjordur, Iceland 8AM - 9AM
DAY 12 Reykjavik 12AM

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All Inclusive, Per-Person Pricing
Based on double occupancy. Includes most shore excursions (descriptions below), beverage package, wifi and specialty dining credit.

Balcony Exterior $5223
Oceanview Exterior $4300

(prices are estimated.  When you contact me by clicking the "Book Now" button below, I will contact you with specific pricing and provide it to you for your approval before completing your booking)

***Excursions will be charged in USD equivalent to what the exchange rate is for the local currency at time of payment.

Curated Shore Excursion Package

These excursions have been hand built with the intention of providing the knitters in our group with a deeper insight into the fiber craft traditions and methods in the ports that we visit, while still being relevant and interesting to interested companions who are coming along.


9h bus and guide + lunch

During this tour we will visit the Atlantic side, the wildest side where nature shows its purest and untamed side. Eggum and its colourful wooden houses, the beauty of Haukland beach and its tropical aspect, Unstad, known as a real paradise for surfers, are just some of the natural beauties that these islands offer. But Lofoten islands are history, culture, and folklore as well and we want you to be a part of their past history. Visiting these ancient fishing hamlets is a moment of knowledge and both historical and cultural discovery. The fantastic fishing villages of Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Nusfjord remind us of a glorious past; Henningsvær and its interesting and picturesque architecture, Kabelvåg and the importance of fishing during the Middle Ages; Nusfjord and its well preserved buildings are just some of the beauties you can enjoy by visiting this archipelago. All these historical sites, together with the beauty of nature and the power of the lights will capture your eyes and your imagination. We stop in a nice fish restaurant for a lunch en route.

After lunch, those who are interested in knitting can participate the visit that you found (500 NOK per person) while the others will continue the visits. On the way back to Svolvær, the bus will pick-up the knitters and all together we will go back to the ship.


4h bus and guide + troll cars to Briksdal Glacier + lunch

Experience the most impressive glacier in Europe. The excursion will depart from the village of Olden and continues along Lake Olden with its lush vegetation and the magnificent waterfalls, to the Briksdal Inn. This is where the walk to the Briksdal Glacier, an offshoot of Europe’s largest glacier the Jostedal Glacier, starts. You walk for about 45-50 minutes one way on a well-developed, ascending path. This beautiful track is surrounded by waterfalls and mountains, and will lead you to the viewpoint at the glacier lake, from where you will be able to enjoy this amazing natural treasure. An extraordinary natural experience you will never forget. On the way back you will comfortably be transferred to the restaurant on special vehicles called troll cars. Afterwards, you will have some freetime before returning to Olden again.

After lunch, those who are interested in knitting can participate a visit to Lofoten Wool (not included in pricing, 500 NOK per person) while the others will continue to explore the area. On the way back to Svolvær, the bus will pick-up the knitters and all together we will go back to the ship.


6 hours, includes lunch

Our tour will begin by travelling through Lerwick, the capital and only town of Shetland. We will make our way to the North Mainland of Shetland, and we will stop to enjoy some of the Shetland’s fabulous fish at Frankie’s Fish and Chip shop, the UK’s most northerly fish and chip shop.

After lunch, we will continue our journey North heading to the Northwest corner to see the iconic Eshaness cliffs and lighthouse. Have time to explore the area before heading to Uradale Farm. While visiting Uradale Farms, we learn more about how they breed organic sheep, produce their organic yarn and visit the Uradale Yarn room.


6,5h bus and guide + lunch

We  drive  north  along  the  fjords over the island of Streymoy. Continue over the bridge to Eysturoy and along the west side north past the village of Eiði, below the highest mountain in the Faroes, Slættaratindur 882 metres. Proceed to Gjógv with its small natural harbour, a narrow ravine with high cliffs on both sides. Puffins nest nearby on the cliffs. On the way to Gjógv one can see the famous and  historical  stacks,  called  the  Giant  and  the  Witch.  From  Gjógv  we  follow  the  twisting mountain  road  down pass Funningur,  where  the  Vikings  first  settled.  Continue  along Skálafjordur to  village Strendur where we visit the only spinnery on the islands. Possibility to buy yarn and Faroese Knitwear. After the spinnery over on the other side of Skalafjordur via the subsea tunnel for lunch in a private home before heading to the southend of Eysturoy where we visit a sheep farmer and hear about sheep farming in the Faroe Islands. Say hello to the sheep and feel the wool “alive” and the texture of the yarn before heading to the Navia shop where you can buy Faroese yarn and Faroese Knitwear.  The return tour is via the new subsea tunnel with the decorated roundabout.


7h bus and guide + lunch + entrance at Nature Baths

The day’s sightseeing begins with the spectacular Godafoss Waterfall! Behold this thundering cascade that plunges 40 feet across a chasm that stretches nearly 100 feet across, and hear the colorful tale of how it got its name… In the year 1000 after Christianity was declared the official religion, statues of Norse Gods were hurled into the Falls – earning these cascades its name as the “Waterfall of the Gods.” Then discover the unusual lava pillars and other striking volcanic formations of the aptly named “Dark Castles.” Continue to the steaming fumaroles of Hverir and a warm, startlingly clear underground river at the Grjotagja Rift. We’ll have farm-to-table lunch where we will also taste the famous geysir bread! Your sightseeing ends at the Myvatn Natural Baths where you can unwind in steaming geothermal pools surrounded by lava fields overlooking Lake Myvatn.


6h guide + lunch

Welcome to Ittoqqortoormiit! This is truly an arctic riviera in summer . The blue sea, the endless beach, people fishing arctic char in the lake , children swimming in the river ...! An American base was established here after the second world war and the ruins have been remaining here until 2021 when they were removed. Years ago, the bay was inhabited by a walrus colony. Photographs from back then can be seen in the local museum. The bay is still a paradise for wildlife . Almost every year lonely musk oxen can be seen in the bay – you should be aware of them , since a lonely musk ox can be dangerous. But observing a musk ox from a safe distance is a great experience . Once in a while , polar bears also stops by the bay . So always carry a gun when trekking in the bay. Foxes and arctic hares can be seen in the bay year round and if you are lucky, you can get very close to them. Several places in the bay you can find old fox trappers, which is a quite simple system used in the old days to catch foxes. A few years ago , a road was build between the bay and the town. This means that you can walk from town to bay in about 20 minutes. During summer, there's often activities in the bay. The youngsters play football , the old hunters sits next to the road all day, waiting for seals in the sea, local people are fishing with rod and net in the sea or the lake, families are having barbecues at the beach and people are camping in the area. The bay has a multitude of arctic flora, berries and even mushrooms.



After approximately one hour drive, the magnificent waterfall Dynjandi will appear to you. The impressive waterfall Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords, about 100 meters high and up to 60 meters wide. A hiking path leads up to the central gorge of the waterfall, allowing visitors to come close enough to touch the water as it tumbles down into the depths. After spending time admiring the waterfall and enjoying the great energy of the area we will drive for a short while to Þingeyri, a small village situated on on a spit of land in one of Iceland's most scenic fjords, Dýrafjörður. Like in most other seaside villages in Iceland, the culture and industry has been shaped by the sea throughout the centuries. We will have lunch in Simbahöllin in Þingeyri. Simbahöllin is a homely café, specializing in Belgian waffles (also offers lunch), set in a beautifully renovated old Norwegian house from 1915. After lunch we visit Gallery Koltra an Icelandic crafts house, which is situated in the oldest house in Þingeyri, Salthúsið. Local knitter(s) will tell us about the Icelandic wool and knitting.


We are not offering shore excursions in all ports.  You would be responsible for shore excursions for any port not listed here (we are not offering any group shore excursions in Sandnessjoen and Djupivogur.  If interested, you will need to book an excursion through the cruise line for these ports).

Optional Excursion from Reykjavik - Golden Circle/Woolen Circle Day Trip

(this tour takes place the day after the ship gets into port at the end of the cruise and would require a 2 night stay in Reykjavik at the end of your cruise, which I highly recommend because you won't want to miss this!)

10h bus and guide + lunch at Fridheimar + Greenhouse visit

The Golden Circle is the most visited attraction of Iceland: it’s during this excursion that you see the Geysir geothermal area, the Gullfoss waterfall and the Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park. Gullfoss Waterfall is one of Icelands most majestic waterfalls. The waterfall originates in the Langjökull glacier and gets it's name from the gold hue it gives off as it tumbles downward into the canyon. The waterfall drops down into a crevice of 32 meters (105 ft) in two steps being 11 meters and 21 meters each. On many occasions rainbows can be observed dancing across the top of this magnificent sight. Gullfoss has an interesting history that involves investors trying to harness its awesome power. The waterfall can viewed from a few different locations. The upper deck next to the visitor center gives a great view from above. By walking down the staircase the waterfall can be viewed from the lower deck. From there the waterfall seems to vanish into the earth. From the lower deck you can walk a path that leads towards the first plunge of the waterfall. This will give you a great view into the crevice and a feeling of the true power of the waterfall. This path can be closed if the path is icy and conditions are not good.

The Geysir area boosts with steam vents, bubbling pits, hot ponds, magnificent colours and the highlight of the site, Strokkur Geyser. Strokkur performs natural and powerful eruptions, spouting water and steam some 20 m up in the air every 10 minutes. Walking paths take you between interesting geothermal features so you don't miss out on any wonder or smell! The National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site called Þingvellir (Thingvellir). Þingvellir is Icelands most important site when it comes to history and geology. This is where the worlds first parliament was established by the vikings in 930 AD, making it the oldest parliament, still active, in the world. The park sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of 2 tectonic plates, the Eurasion and the North American one. Starting from the bottom of the Rift Valley you walk in the footsteps of the Vikings, along impressive Almannagjá all the way to Hakið. Hakið is an ideal viewing point giving you a great overview of the whole area. You can almost witness the continental drift as you take a walk between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. As you walk up to the North American plate via Almannagjá you can read interesting tidbits about our history, viking era and how the laws of the land were established. Þingvellir is also a natural treasure with it's vast lava fields and rivers leading into Icelands largest lake. The Þingvellir valley has been an inspiration for numerous painters and photographers alike.

Lunch will be en route in a wonderful place called Fridheimar. Here, visitors gain an insight into the processes of greenhouse horticulture, with a short and informative talk on the subject – and in fact it is quite remarkable that it should be possible to grow vegetables in this cold climate, by creating warm Mediterranean conditions, all year round, through the long dark winter. The Atrium also includes an exhibition about the use of geothermal heating in Icelandic horticulture. The Friðheimar Tomato soup served on a buffet with home baked bread, sour cream, cucumber salsa, butter and fresh basil.

Additional Services and Excursions (priced per person)

Item Price
Optional Golden/Woolen Circle Excursion in Reykjavik (description above) $199
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