A Lapland Christmas Adventure to Visit Santa in Lapland!

Reindeer horns, Rovaniemi Finland

Is a visit to Santa in Lapland on your family travel bucket list?  If it isn’t, then it really should be.  A trip to visit Santa in Lapland is a truly magical experience that will put the magic of Christmas into a deep place in your kids’ hearts.

Here is how we can make it happen!

Helsinki at Christmas Time

Experience the magic of Helsinki at Christmas time. Helsinki is a city awash with lights and festivities.

Experience an overnight train ride up to visit Lapland Finland.  Experience the beauty of Lapland in winter and have the unique opportunity to straddle the arctic circle.

Arctic circle Rovaniemi
A magical Reindeer sleigh ride

Experience a visit  to a traditional reindeer or husky farm and go on a sled ride while getting a deeper understanding of this traditional Finnish way of life.

Take a special trip into Santa’s secret forest to visit Santa in Lapland, something that should be on every family’s Lapland Christmas bucket list!  You are taken by Santa’s elves into a realm of mystery and magic, a journey that will leave your family with many cherished memories.

Visiting Santa in his Secret Forets

Prices starting from $3,500, not including airfare.

This adventure is priced for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.  The prices are only estimates.  When we book your adventure, it will be personalized for YOUR family with your dates and customized to your family’s unique interests.