Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  I am committed to helping you make travel easy and fun.  I want to help you create meaningful and memorable family vacations that you will all cherish for years to come.

When it comes to travel, I am all about the details.  Half of the fun of travel for me is enjoyed before we ever set foot out of our door to our next adventure.  I relish the planning and dreaming stage to the fullest, soaking up every little nuance of a place and digging out every little bit of information.

Friends and family who are close to me have long known of my love for planning travel.  People in my circles started to see the amount of time and detail that I would put into planning our own family’s trips and they were asking me to offer help in planning their own adventures!

Now, I am putting that same attention to detail and passion for helping you co create the vacation that you have been dreaming about.  I want to dig deep to get to know YOU and your family.  I want to know what kinds of experiences you are all looking to have.  I want to get to know your passions and what kinds of travel experiences will fill your heart with joy.   

My passion for travel is backed by over 20 years of experience working in the travel industry for numerous hotels and airlines.  We have spent the last 10 years taking many, many amazing trips and checking some big things off of our own bucket list.  This has all  given me some pretty deep insights (from both sides of the counter) about what can go wrong on a vacation and what it takes to make a vacation flow smoothly and without stress.

I care about your vacation.  I want to get excited with you about finding unique hidden gems or about finding the perfect little out of the way restaurant.  I care about finding the perfect pieces for your trip that will take it from just good to extraordinary.  

I have a special passion for family travel (planning travel with kids is sort of my groove right now).  My own travel style is all about getting a little of the beaten path and about having authentic, meaningful travel experiences that deepen our bonds as a family and deepen our understanding of the world.     

I am here for you and I want the best vacation for YOU.  That means that I am not just going to push you into a more expensive hotel just to sit back and collect my commission.  That means that I am going to DIG DEEP to find the places and experiences that will truly give your trip meaning and depth.  I want you to have the best trip FOR YOU and I will work with you to plan your trip the same way that I would plan a trip for my own family.  

My commitment to you goes deeper than just booking your flights and hotels.  I am here for you when things go wrong.  I am not saying that travel is always perfect and without problems, but when they happen, I am going to work with you to get things fixed and get your trip back on track the same way that I would with my own family.

Family Travel Picture St Lucia
On an amazing tour in St Lucia!
Shanna on top of a mountain in South Korea
Shanna on top of a mountain in South Korea
Family photo in Yellowstone
A nice family picture in a field of yellow flowers in Yellowstone.