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Let me help you take your vacation ideas and wish list and make it into reality!  I am going to ask detailed questions to find out exactly what you are looking for so that I can go out and book you the perfect vacation!

Here are the kinds of travel that I get really excited about!

I have visited over 40 countries, and have worked in the travel business for over 20 years.  My vast experience gives me the tools that I need to plan just about any kind of vacation that you can think of!

Here are some suggestions for different kinds of trips that I love to plan to get you started daydreaming.

Relaxing Vacation

Authentic and Immersive Adventures

Stress is nearly an epidemic in today's busy world.  Travel has been proven to reduce stress, improve health and increase your level of satisfaction with your life.

Reindeer in Finnish Lapland

I have pulled together our best family adventures, and put them into an easily accessible format with hand picked accommodations and experiences that will give your family memories that you will cherish forever.

Magical Family Vacation Memories

Making Magical Family Vacation Memories

Our time with our kids is short, and NOTHING can replace the amazing memories and family bonding that happen on a family vacation. 

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Relaxing Vacation

Group Travel

Whether you are looking for help planning a memorable family reunion trip, a girl's getaway with all of your besties, or an incentive trip for your employees, I have you covered!  Let me take care of ALL of the details so you can enjoy the trip!

Reconnecting with those close to you on a group tour or cruise is a great way to make up for all of the time that we have lost over this past couple of years...

Here are some other ways I can help you!

Travel Deals Newsletter

Travel Inspiration Newsletter

I love send out unique travel destinations, fabulous places to reconnect and create amazing travel memories with your family, and of course great deals!  Basically, I look for the places and deals that make me say, "I want to book this for our own family" and I send them to you.

*** BONUS:  As a bonus, you will also get my personal checklist for EVERYTHING that I do the week before we leave on vacation to get ready.  This saves my sanity and it will help save yours, too!

Are You Looking For Ways to Travel More or Travel Better?

I am on a mission to help you travel more and travel better.  In my exclusive Facebook group, I share actionable strategies and in depth information to help you up your travel game and go after those trips that are sitting on your bucket list.

Are you ready to start making real progress on achieving your travel dreams?  

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About Me

Shanna Schultz

Let me help you push the "easy" button on planning your next magical, memorable adventure!

I am an obsessive travel planner who loves cruises and getting off the beaten path.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing the world with my kids!

I have spent more than 20 years in the travel industry and I have visited more than 40 countries.  Now, I am taking all of my experience and putting it to good use helping others plan amazing trips!

I get almost as excited about your trip as I do planning a trip for our own family!  I love ironing out all of the details and helping you create a vacation that creates cherished memories for your family.

In order to provide you with the best possible travel recommendation I have completed advanced training and am certified as:

What I Do For You

Travel Requirements

I will provide you a reliable source of information about travel requirements for your destination, so you can check to make sure that you have everything that you need for your trip.

An Handy App for Your Itinerary

After you book with me, you will get access to your itinerary and all of your travel documents in an app or online, that you will be able to access while you are traveling.

I Have Your Back

Travel problems happen, and they are usually out of anyone's control.  I can't promise to prevent every possible problem, but I can promise to use my vast travel experience and knowledge to help you find a solution!

Save You Time!

I spend an absolute MINIMUM of two hours on each booking.  This includes finding you the right spot based on our free consultation, reading reviews, handling the booking and payment on your behalf and taking care of all of the little details. so you don't have to!

Narrow Down Your Options

There is SO MUCH travel information on the internet, and not all of it is good.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with too many options and not book anything (or just end up booking the same place over and over). I sit down with you and listen to your wish list.  We then narrow it down to one or two good choices that will give you the travel experience that you are looking for.

Re-confirmation of all Reservations

I reconfirm all of your reservations personally with the provider right before you go, just to double check that everything is set for an amazing vacation!  I will also keep you up to date about any flight schedule changes.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is no longer optional, it is a necessity!  I know that travel insurance can be a confusing mess of acronyms and coverage options.  I can make good suggestions for insurance policies based on your individual needs for your trip.

Fully Customized Trip Planning

Are you looking for something that is beyond the normal scope of planning a vacation?  A trip that has multiple destinations, modes of transportation of other moving parts?  I am an EXPERT in complicated trips.  I can help you by saving you many hours of research and figuring out all of those little tiny details so you can just enjoy your trip! 

Let's talk about your needs and I can connect you with a custom travel planning package that will meet them and save you countless hours in planning an epic vacation!


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Sign up for my free travel inspiration and deals newsletter.  I love unique places.  I love good deals.  Basically, if I see an awesome place or a great deal that I would like to book for our own family, I send it on to you to enjoy as well!  Share the travel love!

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